• The most beautiful spots – completely alone and in peace or with like-minded people, © TMV/Roth
    The most beautiful spots – completely alone and in peace or with like-minded people

Kite up your holidays!

The most beautiful spots

This dull sound when the wind gets under the kite and you can feel the power of the elements take hold of your body ... THIS is exactly what numerous spots on the Baltic Sea, Bodden and inland lakes have to offer, along with variety for action-hungry water sports fans.

If only everything could be as easy as a kite trip to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. ... Straight off the motorway, down to the water and preferably straight in it. Jumps, tricks, freestyle – hone your skills in beautiful shallow water areas with straightforward, medium waves.

Kite‘n thrill on the coast and banks in MV
At several spots, you can park your car right next to the sunbathing area to set up – spares your gear and saves energy. Because you will need that for the water: the playful standing areas, in particular, are great for experimenting in.
These are the spots for your ultimate thrill factor: further out in Ückeritz is perfect for manoeuvre training in the standing area with wind SE to NW and tricky jumps. There are no breakwaters or piers to get in the way of kitesurfing fun on waves up to three metres with a stiff east wind in Karlshagen.

Gahlkow gets pretty choppy with a 180° movable wind range and challenging gusts with a WSW wind. Those who want to brush up on their freeriding skills should go to Pritzwald, the relaxing alternative to nearby Rosengarten with small jumps and distinctive island thermals. Same principle – stronger E winds thanks to the island profile – make kitesurfers quickly forget about the meagre rigging area in Dranske because the wind advantage on the water awaits! Neu Mukran is action-packed with an extremely large fetch wave despite the breach break with NE wind.
East wind? Prerow with crystal clear water and white sandy beach. Free parking, westerly winds intensified by the sun thanks to land thermals, 500 metre standing area – Saal is pure relaxation. Warnemünde is another such hot spot. Here, not only does it have its own kitesurfing access at stairs 13, it also has a great deal going on as well as beach life.

But it doesn’t always have to be waves and the Baltic Sea: Smooth water with onshore wind on the eastern shore of the Wieker Bodden brings plenty of power under the kite. Retgendorf on Lake Schwerin is great for blasting and with stiffer west winds is perfect for bump&jump. Small selection, great scene, take a look and see what hot spots MV has for you.

There's also a map of surfspots on our german website.


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