• Worldheritage house Wismar, © TMV, Danny Gohlke
    Worldheritage house Wismar
  • Interior of the worldheritage house Wismar, © TMV, Danny Gohlke
    Interior of the worldheritage house Wismar
  • Worldheritage house Wismar, © TMV, Danny Gohlke
    Worldheritage house Wismar
  • Welt-Erbe-Haus - am Aktionstisch, © TZ Wismar/Alexander Rudolph
    Welt-Erbe-Haus - am Aktionstisch

World Heritage House Wismar

The Visitor Centre is the third of its kind in Germany after Regensburg and Stralsund. Just in time for the opening of the new exhibition and event venue on World Heritage Day (June 1st, 2014), the prestigious Wallpaper Room and the surrounding panoramic pictures were also restored.

The rare wall panelling was made in Paris in 1823 from elaborate paper prints and a background of sackcloth. The story is depicted from the Greek mythology "The Travels of Telemachus on Calypso’s Island". The pictures completely line the so-called Wallpaper Room in the building ensemble Lübsche Straße 23. In addition to Wismar, the Museum of Modern Art New York has fragments of the same wallpaper cycle.

Another highlight on the tour of the World Heritage Centre is the inlay of the city floor plan on the floor. The old town of Wismar has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List particularly because of its preserved town layout documenting the medieval Hanseatic city in an exemplary manner. Interesting facts about this can be discovered at Audio Points placed all-around like a city wall. A World Heritage panorama presents international examples of natural and cultural heritage, the working group of the World Heritage Sites in Germany, and the joint World Heritage Site with Stralsund.

"Citizens building their city," "houses tell stories", "Rules shape this city", "Trade brings Prosperity" and "Merchants create the Dielenhaus" are also part of this exhibition, which is illustrated with many original findings on walls and ceilings.

Visiting the exhibition is free of charge.

Opening hours:
April - September: 9 am - 5 pm daily
October - March: 10 am - 4 pm daily


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