Darßer Star Tours (16-22km | 3 Stages)

Wild coasts, steep banks, white beaches

Through the enchanted Darß forest, up to the lighthouse at Darßer Ort, over the newly-created dunes and through the ancient forest – this hiking tour takes three days from the idyllic Baltic resort of Prerow to the lighthouse at Darßer Ort, the fishing villages of Born and Wieck as well as the romantic village of Ahrenshoop.

1. Day tour (16 km): Prerow - Darßer Ort - Prerow
The trip starts in the idyllic Baltic resort of Prerow. Rustic Darß forest is just a short walk from here. The hiking path leads right the way through. The red brick of the lighthouse in secluded Darßer Ort signals its proximity to the Baltic Sea. Take the 134 steps and enjoy a bird's eye view across the tops of the trees at a height of 35 metres.

2. Day tour (17 km / 22 km): Prerow - Wieck - Born - Prerow
Through lush meadows past happily grazing cows and along a thick belt of reeds, the hiking path follows the gentle Bodden coast – the nursery of many water and wading birds. The Darßer arches in colourful Wieck grants a fascinating insight into the migratory habits of large birds and the emergence of land at Darßer Ort. A detour to the heavenly peninsula of Bliesenrade is highly recommended halfway along the path to the tranquil village of Born with its low thatched roofs. Hikers leaving Born find themselves immersed in the dense Darß forest. Especially in the autumn, the gentle rustling of the leaves is drowned out by the impressive bellowing of deer.

3. Day tour (17 km): Ahrenshoop - Prerow
This stage runs through romantic Ahrenshoop and past the steep coast. Inspired by the ramshackle fishermen's houses, the harsh nature and the gentle play of sunlight prompted many artists to settle here. The route leads right through the village to the coast. It rises 15 metres above the sea here. Thousands of sand martins have dug nests into its upper levels. And at the foot of the escarpment the Baltic Sea carries half a metre of sand away in some years to deposit it again a few kilometres north at Darßer Ort. The path leads close along the shoreline until the gates of the Darß forest open again. Then old beeches and proud oaks line the path.

Warning regarding hiking on eroding banks

Eroding banks are a special feature of the coast and subject to constant change. Washouts and landslides are a common occurrence. For your own safety only use the marked paths above the crumbling edges and look out for warning signs.





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Tourist information

  • Length of day tours: 16 - 22 km
  • Stages: 3 days
  • Rail link: Barth
  • Marker: Signpost with route markings
  • Sights: Darßwald, Lighthouse Darßer Ort, steep coast, Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft


  • Rewarding wooden path: Many ways lead to the sea on the Darß, © TVFDZ/outdoor-visions.com
    Rewarding wooden path: Many ways lead to the sea on the Darß
  • The lighthouse at Darßer Ort is one of the oldest lighthouses on the German Baltic coast., © Sandra Frese
    The lighthouse at Darßer Ort is one of the oldest lighthouses on the German Baltic coast.
  • Steep banks by Ahrenshoop, © Sandra Frese
    Steep banks by Ahrenshoop

Bliesenrader Weg – 18375 Wieck a. Darß

Nature park and guest centre “Darßer Arche“

Arche Aussen, © Kur- und Tourist GmbH Darß

The national park and visitor centre “Darßer Arche“ is located in the old school of Wieck, which was supplemented by a generous extension. The guest information and accommodation bureau welcomes you in the foyer and in the hull-looking new building of the “Darßer Arche“ you will experience the national park exhibition “Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft“.

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Strandweg – 18347 Ostseebad Ahrenshoop

Kunstkaten Ahrenshoop

Kunstkaten Ahrenshoop, © Kurverwaltung Ahrenshoop/voigt & kranz UG, Prerow

The Ahrenshoop Kunstkaten is an exhibition and events house managed by the Ahrenshoop tourist office and is one of the oldest galleries in Northern Germany. Throughout the year, visitors enjoy the changing exhibitions about the artists’ colony of Ahrenshoop, the subsequent generations of artists, all the way to the art of the present day.

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