• The most beautiful spots – completely alone and in peace or with like-minded people, © TMV/Roth
    The most beautiful spots – completely alone and in peace or with like-minded people
  • Kiting is fun – especially with like-minded people, © TMV/Roth
    Kiting is fun – especially with like-minded people


... and find the best kiteboarding spot here!

Beginner-friendly shallow water areas and dynamic wave spots with powerful waves...

“In harmony with Mother Nature” - more than just a saying when kitesurfing. In the midst of the powerful wind and roaring water you can experience the myriad colours of life – ranging from reed green to ocean blue in the kitesurfing paradise of MV.

Glide through the water with the kite
Hardly any other water sport allows such an extensive variety of jumps and tricks and the spots in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern offer you the perfect varied scenery. Regardless of your abilities, you can have great fun in the exciting standing areas, wind is possible from all directions. Immerse yourself in nature is the motto of your unforgettable kite holiday!

What is the best time for which spot ...
Mostly crystal clear, the shallow water spots on the Baltic Sea, Bodden, lakes and rivers reveal shimmering green seaweed and a sandy bottom, which is so soft you can even walk barefoot in many places. The many grassy banks and kitesurf meadows are often only a few meters from the car park and spare your kite board. So, get down to the spot, on the meadow and head off across the water.

The storms typical of MV in the spring and autumn are a huge attraction as they create brilliant waves in March/April and again in October/November, particularly in the pro-tested wave spots. So, there's something for everyone: the shallow water areas are perfect for beginners and the more advanced, delivering easy, smooth fun and action for practising zippy freestyle manoeuvres. The Baltic Sea spots, in particular, challenge ,more experienced kitesurfers with extreme conditions for unforgettable moments of joy in harmony with the stunning, powerful nature.


The most beautiful spots

Kite up your holidays!

The most beautiful spots – completely alone and in peace or with like-minded people, © TMV/Roth

This dull sound when the wind gets under the kite and you can feel the power of the elements take hold of your body ... THIS is exactly what numerous spots on the Baltic Sea, Bodden and inland lakes have to offer, along with variety for action-hungry water sports fans.

Schools, courses & camps

Learn to kitesurf now!

1,2,3, in cold water – no, nobody will push you on a professional kite course in MV, you will be clearly guided, have fun and learn the fine art of proper kite surfing or brush up your existing skills.

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