• Festival mood at the Zuparken Festival, © TMV/Roth
    Festival mood at the Zuparken Festival
  • Let’s get it on, © Dan Petermann
    Let’s get it on
  • Chilling at the Zuparken Festival, © TMV/Roth
    Chilling at the Zuparken Festival
  • Chilling at the Pangea Festival, © TMV/Roth
    Chilling at the Pangea Festival
  • Colourful fun at the Holi Festival, © TMV/Augenzeuge Fotografie Rostock
    Colourful fun at the Holi Festival

Events & festivals

Get it on here

A sailor sets out at night and still holds his own in the morning. So, just join in, you landlubbers! Mind-blowing festivals, fabulous beach sport events, from photographic art to maritime shindigs – dive into the razzmatazz, talk shop and really party.

Party, party, party
Art, music and literature – from small refined festivals and workshops up to illustrious big events – there is something for everyone here. The festival scene has enormous appeal, particularly from spring to autumn. So, get your ticket and get going!

Anything goes, do anything
Partying until you drop or a relaxed social atmosphere – your festival summer is what you make it! The events are strung together like pearls from spring to late autumn. Sometimes traditionally maritime, sometimes laid-back and cultish, sometimes crazy underground style: whatever your bag, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is definitely the place to be and get it on.

“Don’t get crazy, get wet”, is the motto of the now legendary surf and music festival zuparken in Kägsdorf on the Baltic Sea. Fringe programmes such as beach Zumba, bag printing, ukulele workshop and Tiki carving are the icing on the cake.

There’s no time for resting in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The scene gets your fingers itching and your ears buzzing – new events are always being added, such as the young Pangea-Festival. The maritime highlights as well as the various harbour festivals and, of course, the prestigious Hanse Sail, all have more to offer than just costume parades and eateries: sporting tournaments, stages, experiences. – 1, 2, party!

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