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Wellness Romantik Hotel Namenlos & Fischerwiege

Swimming pool, Telcaldarium (roman sweat bath), steam sauna, Finnish sauna, ice fountain, sunbath on a fine grained beach, adventure shower, different kind of massages.

Two wellness areas with romantic wellness offers: Swimming pool, telcaldarium, saunas, twin tub with starry sky, AquaJet massage couch and more. For out-of-home guests please on request.
In the Hotel Namenlos: various saunas, an ice fountain, a twin tub, adventure shower, massage couch and various wellness treatments. COMING TO REST on an Aquajet massage couch. DREAMING - alone or in pairs - in a twin tub with a starry sky. An experienced therapist pampers you with a wide range of massages and wellness treatments. A bronze mermaid on a fishing boat watches that you can relax undisturbed.

In the Hotel Fischerwiege: a swimming pool, various saunas, an ice fountain, resting berths, relaxation swings, cuddling bench and wellness offers. Pulling his lanes in peace and quiet in the swimming pool with a view of nature. DREAM on a wave-shaped bench with a fireplace. Gently swaying in relaxation swings with a Zeesboot feeling or simply resting on comfortably warm water beds in the relaxation bunks. An experienced therapist offers individual massage and wellness treatments. Choose from classic massages, thalasso and ayurveda massages, chocolate massages, sound massages and more.

Pleasantly unobtrusive, here and there small works of art attract attention. The mermaid, the fishing boats and wall reliefs are all works by local artists.


Wellness Suppliers

03 82 20 - 6060


Wellness im Romantikhotel Fischerwiege

Am Schifferberg 9a
18347  Ahrenshoop

03 82 20 - 6060

Hotel Fischerwiege GmbH & Co. KG, Schifferberg 9a, 18347 Ahrenshoop
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Wellness im Romantikhotel Fischerwiege
Am Schifferberg 9a
18347 Ahrenshoop

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