• NATUREUM_Leuchtturm_IMG_9334 5zu7 ©Anke Neumeister DMM, © Anke Neumeister/Deutsches Meeresmuseum
    NATUREUM_Leuchtturm_IMG_9334 5zu7 ©Anke Neumeister DMM

NATUREUM and Darßer Ort lighthouse

The NATUREUM is a natural history museum in the "Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft" national park located on the Darß peninsula in Prerow. Next to the accessible Darßer Ort lighthouse, it is an additional branch of the German Oceanographic Museum as well as the Oceanographic Museum, the Nautineum and the Ozeanum. It highlights the variety, dynamics and vulnerability of the unique Darß landscape.

Several Baltic aquariums, beach and dune gardens and wetland habitat also belong to the NATUREUM – such as the accessible lighthouse, offering magnificent views across the countryside and Baltic Sea. After ascending the lighthouse, treat yourself at the museum café attached to the NATUREUM and reserved for museum visitors. (café not open to day trippers) Once fortified, go back via the car-free Darßer "Jungle" - on foot, by bicycle or horse-drawn carriage.


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+49 (0)38233 304


NATUREUM und Leuchtturm Darßer Ort

Darßer Ort 1 - 3
18375  Born am Darß

+49 (0)38233 304

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NATUREUM und Leuchtturm Darßer Ort
Darßer Ort 1 - 3
18375 Born am Darß

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