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Nature park exhibition about the Nature Park “Feldberger Seenlandschaft“ in the house of the guest

The Nature Park “Feldberger Seenlandschaft“ covering 36.000 hectares is located between the cities Fürstenberg, Woldegk and Neustrelitz in the southeastern corner of the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte. Besides many lakes and moors, the sea-eagle and osprey or the beaver can be discovered with a little bit of luck.

The oldest German beech forest called the “Heiligen Hallen” make the nature park unique. It got the name from its long stems, which remind of Gothic church architecture. The landscape of the nature park was stamped by the last Ice Age. The nature park forms an unity with the nature park “Uckermärkische Seen” in Brandenburg. That is where visitors can find the whole sequence of the glacial series- starting with the ground and end moraine and ending at the frontal plain and the glacial valley, which forms the Havel’s Stream network today.

Next to sea-eagle and osprey, even the rare lesser spotted eagle appears here. The otter also has its living environment in the “Feldberger Seenlandschaft”. It is the heraldic animal of the park and its occurrence stands for an intact nature and clean waterbodies. The nature park stamped by the last Ice Age is also known for its many lakes and the poet Hans Fallada, who lived and worked in Carwitz.


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Naturpark Feldberger Seenlandschaft

Strelitzer Straße 42
17258  Feldberger Seenlandschaft

+49 (0)39831 52780

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Naturpark Feldberger Seenlandschaft
Strelitzer Straße 42
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