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In the world of legends, Lewitz is full of dragons, mythical creatures and all sorts of secrets from the past of the largest meadow landscape in Germany. There are 16 stops along the path, and each stop presents a different legend. Artists have created statues for each stop; the legend can be read on information boards or heard in the form of an audio play via a QR code. For children, there are explorer activities and playful information about the forest and natural world. The starting and finishing point is the hunting lodge of Friedrichsmoor; the trail is suitable for walkers and cyclists.

Dat kannst mi glöven – (You can believe me)

A magical meadow and a forest landscape like the Lewitz region naturally inspires fairy tales and legends. There are stories of "white women" wandering over misty fields, of the "Wild Hunt" roaring along the country roads at night, and of magnificent white deer emerging from the thickets of mighty oaks and beeches. Legends usually have something true at their heart and they go back to the time when the Lewitz region was populated by Slavs or from the time of the Napoleonic Wars. On the forest adventure trail called "Legendary Lewitz" (a 12 km cycle track or 4 km walking trail) visitors can learn about the legendary world of the landscape. 16 stops along the way let you explore and find out more about the myths and legends. And you will also learn about nature in a playful way. 

Directions and parking

The starting and finishing point is the hunting lodge of Friedrichsmoor. During the season, a café invites you to sit down and take a break.


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Sagenhafte Lewitz - Walderlebnispfad Friedrichsmoor

Schloßallee 10
19306  Friedrichsmoor

Landesforst M-V Forstamt Friedrichsmoor, Lindenstraße 3-4, 19374 Domsühl
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Sagenhafte Lewitz - Walderlebnispfad Friedrichsmoor
Schloßallee 10
19306 Friedrichsmoor

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