Culture and visitor centre “Karower Meiler“

The culture and visitor centre “Karower Meiler“ is the central drop-in centre for nature lovers and guests of the Nature Park “Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heide“.Besides a permanent exhibition about the development of this cultivated landscape since the last Ice Age, five to six special exhibitions of artists and photographers about nature and landscape are displayed yearly.

Presentations and celebrations in or around the “Karower Meiler” add to the yearly program. Many excursions with the nature watch (rangers) of the nature park start and end here. The yearly program can be read in the event plan “Unterwegs” or on the website. Whoever does not have his own bike can borrow one in the “Karower Meiler”. During the opening hours, rangers and service people of the booster club are happy to help the visitors. The Nature Park “Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heide” has 60 lakes, the biggest being the Krakower Obersee. Pine forests, moors, dunes, mash areas, dry grassland and heathland stamp the area. Many hiking trails and cycling paths, bridle paths as well as learning and adventure paths offer a diversity of holiday experiences.


National Park + Nature Conservation Centres

+49 38738 7390-0


Kultur- und Informationszentrum Karower Meiler

Ziegenhorn 1
19395  Karow

+49 38738 7390-0

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Kultur- und Informationszentrum Karower Meiler
Ziegenhorn 1
19395 Karow

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