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Sailing close to the wind

Windsurfing in MV

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Beach body, beach action, beach party! You can have it all. Even together, all at once. The coast and shores of the country meld into one big adventure zone, especially in the summer: Trend sports, sunbathing and beach parties await.

Salt on your skin and wind in your hair, the warm sand and swirling water, wild parties and cool dudes – you can have it all. Even all at once. The beach morphs into a giant adventure area in the summer, with football pitches and stage shows.

Relaxation and action in harmony
You get more by the sea. There's plenty to choose here. You can recharge energy levels and let energy rip. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – Mother Nature's greeny-blue rave-up. Green woods – nowhere else in Germany do they grow right down to the sea like here. Blue heaven – the shimmering Baltic Sea and the feathery skies.

Even inland, 2,000 lakes still call out. Surfing, kiting, sailing and paddling goes on in every corner of the country, there's SUP, surf riding and skim boarding. You can even get your driving and sailing licence on holiday here.

You'll make friends at beach volleyball and the beach parties. Then hook up with the crew in one of the trendy clubs or just two of you in a wicker beach chair. Or even just wear your birthday suit... Nudist beaches are practically everywhere, what perfect freedom.

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