The Baltic Coast

1,900 fascinating kilometres

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Discover the diversity of the Baltic Sea. Holiday deals and beach activities.

It's true that the Baltic Sea offers a tideless welcome to its visitors, but it makes up for it with the fascinating natural spectacles all year round. In the summer, the sun sinks like a flaming ball of fire and on stormy days, the Baltic Sea is transformed into a savage, thunderous power. But it's not just the Baltic Sea that makes the almost 1,900-kilometre-long coastline of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern so incredibly varied, it is also the sandy beaches and steep cliffs, islands and bays, Bodden and mud flats.
And the coastal towns of the state are just as diverse. Fashionable seaside resorts with their bright white resort architecture, tranquil fishing villages with thatched roofs or Hanseatic towns steeped in history with warehouses, churches and trading houses made of brick complete the visage of the Baltic Sea coast.

As a participant or in the crowd – Hanse Sail in Rostock leaves around a million visitors utterly captivated each year anew., © Foto: Hanse Sail Rostock

Be part of amazing sailing events

Sailing Events

The white sails of the racing regatta ships, the faded cloth of sedate traditional sailing boats or the red-brown garb of the quaint Zeesen boats – all manner of sailing ships are guests at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's top maritime events. They form a backdrop to a programme of entertainment with markets and music and often you can sail on board with them too.

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