Castles, Bricks and Seaside Villas

Grand Splendour and Modest Grace

Resort Architecture Taken to Perfection

Chic Seaside Resorts are Lined Up Side by Side

Gothic Brickwork

Art of Construction Down to the Tiniest Detail

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Venerable places of worship and stately ancestral seats, fashionable seaside villas and pearls of modern construction – magnificent buildings and architectural gems adorn the country.

Sometimes spied from afar, sometimes clipsed: They tower above the splendid Hanseatic towns or are hidden away amongst solitary lakes and vast meadows. They once housed princes or well-heeled city dwellers seeking relaxation. Sometimes pompous and grand, sometimes sober and restrained – architectural masterpieces in many different styles line the paths through Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The dark red of the Hanseatic League

The old towns of Wismar and Stralsund with their stately churches above the splendid town houses, were declared a world heritage site by UNESCO – as a nearly intact collection of Gothic brickwork buildings. Dark-red building materials were primarily used during the Middle Ages, fired from clay they are a stone symbol of the powerful association between the Hanseatic towns, but also figuring in the small town of Bad Doberan with an imposing minster or in the concert church of Neubrandenburg.

Princes' palaces and seaside villas

The majestic residences in Schwerin, Ludwigslust and Güstrow built by the Dukes of Mecklenburg are no less impressive. Myriad other palaces, castles, manor houses and stately homes testify to the aristocratic life in the country, many have been snatched from their decade-long slumbers with a lot of love and dedication.
The Baltic Sea brandishes its own special jewellery: Pearls of white stretch along the coast from Boltenhagen to Ahlbeck. The sophisticated seaside resorts with their brilliant white villas for bathing guests became quite a trend during the 18th century – and still are today.

The future here and now

Precursors of contemporary architecture such as the futuristic Ozeaneum have also found a nice spot between history and modernity here.

And the best of it

Many of these grand buildings aren't just for show.  They extend an invitation to be entered, to be lived in and made use of – as a charming hostel, stylish restaurant, impressive showroom or magical concert venue.

Schloss Hasenwinkel

Experience the synthesis of history and modern comfort combined in a first-class hotel in this classic Mecklenburg manor house dating from 1908.

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