Seminar nature perception in the monastery St. Jürgen before Rambin

7/22/23 in Rambin

Long house in Rambin monastery, © Sabine Koburger

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  • Saturday, Jul 22, 202310:00 - 18:00 clock

Seminar with Sonja Schürger and Dr. Angela Pfennig, Participation: 35 Euro, Students: 20 Euro

Ways to a living relationship of man with nature

Perception of nature in the monastery of St. Jürgen outside Rambin

Intact gardens and landscapes are the basis for biological diversity, fertile soils, clean water and a balanced climate. Many people appreciate the relaxing, healthy and stimulating effect of spending time in nature. However, a diverse, regionally typical cultural landscape can only emerge today if people consciously connect with their environment and act responsibly from it.

Starting from a sensitive sensual perception of the landscape as a whole, of plants, animals and rocks, a lively inner experience and a familiarity with the character of a place can gradually develop. The conscious witnessing of natural phenomena also leads to a recognition of our own impulses and opens us to a deeper encounter with other people.

In the harmony of individual perspectives, in the encounter of inner and outer experiences, a moving and yet characteristic wholeness is formed, wherein the "genius loci" can express itself. In this way new, and for a future worth living also urgently needed abilities develop in us to act in harmony with the nature of a place.

The monastery St. Jürgen vor Rambin was founded in 1334 by the Stralsund councillor Gottfried von Wickede as a hospital (Seekenhus).

It is a horticultural complex which, in connection with a hospital and later residential use, impressively documents a centuries-old garden culture at one and the same location.

In the close connection of residential and garden use, it embodies, as it were, in an exemplary manner the primal need of man for gardening. The cultural-historical and historical significance of the garden lies in the connection and harmony of additively joined garden spaces that satisfy different functional and aesthetic demands, such as kitchen gardens, orchards, parks and ornamental areas. For several years, the house association "Leben ins Kloster Rambin e.V." has been striving to revive the monastery grounds through a cross-generational socio-ecological living and working project as a place of encounter, education and culture. In doing so, it ties in with the almost 700-year-old history and tradition of communal living with self-sufficiency.

The project is supported by people who have decided to live permanently on the Island of Rügen or already live in the monastery. They want to preserve, renovate and modernize the listed ensemble.

In addition to the intensive study of the history of the site, the laborious administrative activities to found the association and the intended takeover of the site from the Hanseatic City of Stralsund through a lease agreement, as well as a variety of public relations work, the first very concrete practical work has already been done, such as the repair of park benches, the cultivation of fallow kitchen gardens, hedge trimming and grove maintenance, cleanup work and maintenance measures on buildings.

From the cultural activities carried out so far, questions have arisen that will be addressed during the nature perception seminar. The main aim is to trace the different qualities of three spaces: the ornamental square, the kitchen gardens and the landscaped park on the west side. What is special about each of these places? How is the current state perceived? How can these spaces be developed into the future in harmony with their respective character? Do options for practical action arise from the seminar?

The task will be to perceive the different places and moods in small groups, to sensitively observe structures, plants and animals and then to exchange experiences.

A comprehensive overall picture can then emerge from the individual contributions. In this way, the individual observations are integrated into a coherent whole of the specifics of these three garden spaces in the monastery and it becomes possible to experience how each detail makes the essence of the places clearer.

Finally, the shoots of the old lime trees will be cut back as part of a maintenance project. Please bring your own tools (loppers and hand saw).

The seminar is aimed both at people who are directly connected with the project at Rambin Monastery and at people who enjoy being in nature, are interested in plants and animals, and want to deepen their experience in the perception of nature in exchange with others.

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Jul 22, 2023 10:00 - 18:00 clock
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Rambin Monastery

Kloster 2
18573 Rambin

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Stralsund Academy for Garden and Landscape Culture

Kleiner Diebsteig 21
18439 Stralsund


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