Citizens' advice: How can I view my Stasi file?

8/13/24 in Rostock-Warnemünde

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  • Tuesday, Aug 13, 202413:00 - 16:00 clock

On-site service for applying for access to the Stasi files

An employee of the Rostock Stasi Records Archive will answer questions on topics including

- Making applications (including repeat applications)
- Inspecting Stasi files
- Issuing copies
- Deciphering the code names of unofficial collaborators (IM)
- Anonymization (redaction)
- Making applications as close relatives of deceased persons
- Educational offers
- Applications for research and media

Applications for personal access to the Stasi files can be made directly on site. Please bring a valid identity document with you to confirm your identity.
The consultation is free of charge.

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This event is free of charge.

Event dates
  • Tuesday, Aug 13, 2024 13:00 - 16:00 clock
Event Location

Kirchenplatz 4
18119 Rostock-Warnemünde

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Str. der Demokratie 2
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