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A vacation at FerienGut Dalwitz provides its guests with souvenirs of a very special kind - and plenty of content for the longing suitcase, e.g. the buzzing of bees in the lush cottage garden, the rattle of storks, the clatter of hooves on the old cobblestones, the wide view when riding through nature.....

The FerienGut Dalwitz is a huge adventure playground and not only for the little ones: Where else can guests feel like real cowboys and help on horseback with driving the cattle in and out? For the less experienced, genuine South American Criollo horses are available for gaucho-style Western riding at the "La Primera" breeding farm, which is part of the estate. Meanwhile, the ambitious young riders find their happiness in hours of grooming and petting or in riding lessons. For many young guests, however, it is enough that they are allowed to romp uninhibited across the grounds.

Charming names such as "Hofmeisterwohnung" or "Jägerkate" bear witness to the former use of the now listed buildings in which the vacation apartments are housed. Lovingly renovated and kept in country house style, the handwriting of the lady of the manor Lucy von Bassewitz and her Uruguayan origin is clearly evident in the furnishings, a touch of "Estancia" exudes South American flair in the bright and individually furnished rooms. The interaction at FerienGut Dalwitz is uncomplicated and familiar. Particularly popular is the "Asado," the barbecue held in summer when the weather is good, which Lucy von Bassewitz also brought with her from her homeland to Mecklenburg. Another meeting place is the "Remise," the farm restaurant in the old horse stables.

Gut Dalwitz is a full-time agricultural enterprise. Farming and livestock are not a vacation setting, but the center of an ecological and sustainable economic system. Guests have the opportunity to get to know a modern estate that completely avoids chemicals and genetic engineering.

  • Lunge lesson: suitable for all ages, 20 €/30 min
  • Individual lessons: up to class M, for all riders, 30 - 40 €/ 45 min
  • Group lessons: up to class M, dressage and jumping, max. 4 pers., from 18 €/45 min/person
  • Western riding: for leisure riders, from 18 €/45 min/person
  • Trail riding: Day rides for saddle fit riders with riding guide, 80 €/person incl. picnic.
  • Training: Breaking in of young horses 525 €/month incl. boarding box
  • Correction of horses: Price 525 €/month incl. boarding box
  • Special features: Weekly hunting training with the dogs of the Mecklenburg pack
  • Riding hall: 40 x 20 m, sandy floor
  • Riding arena: Riding arena with obstacles, 40 x 80 m, sandy ground, trail arena lawn
  • Instruction by qualified personnel: Pferdewirtschaftsmeister and Pferdewirte, Trainer B, Riding, Performance Sports
  • School horses/school ponies: 30 horses from 100 to 178 cm, Criollos, Warmbloods, Welsh ponies
  • Hire horses/loan ponies: 3, 164 cm, hunting horses
  • Guest horse stalls in the stable: 4-15 depending on the season, 3,5 x 4m, 20 €/day
  • Feed for guest horses: Feeding 2 times a day with roughage and concentrate, self-watering.
  • official riding & driving trails: riding trail network around Gut Dalwitz, 5 cross-country routes with up to 25 km to the individual surrounding manor houses
  • Directions: If you are coming from Hamburg A20 Lübeck direction Stralsund, and at the exit Tessin, left direction Gnoien, behind the village Basse, right direction Walkendorf, behind Walkendorf you come to Dalwitz. If you come from Berlin: A19 Berlin direction Rostock, exit Glasewitz, right direction Plaaz you continue until you come to a T-junction with the B108, then right and immediately left in Neu Heinde, after 80 meters, left direction Prebberede. In Prebberede again left to Dalwitz.
  • Passenger and/or luggage transfer: Transfer from Laage airport, Laage train station, Tessin, Gnoien and Rostock.
  • Our offers: Farm store with farm products, such as organic meat, game, preserves, honey, literature, farm tours for house guests free of charge by appointment, house garden for harvesting.

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FerienGut Dalwitz

Dalwitz 46
17179 Walkendorf OT Dalwitz

+49 39972 56140

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© Kleine-Mölle

Viecheln manor house

  • Schloßstr., 17179 Viecheln

Wilhelm Blohm (Blohm&Voss) had the manor house designed in neo-Gothic Tudor style by the renowned Wismar architect Heinrich Thormann in 1869. Today, the magnificent house with the 3 hectare estate park offers vacation apartments as well as rooms for e.g. weddings.

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© TFZ Tessin

Ticino leisure center

  • St.-Jürgen-Straße, 18195 Tessin

The Ticino Leisure and Wellness Center was opened to the public in 1995.

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© Ferien am Schloss Duckwitz

Vacations at the castle in Duckwitz

  • Duckwitz, 17179 Duckwitz

Family vacation right on the lake - horseback riding, swimming, fishing - kids will love it - and so will their parents. Relax... when the kids are busy and happy - only then the vacation begins for the parents...

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Lühburg Castle

  • Lühburg, 17179 Walkendorf

Mecklenburg ParkLand: old manor houses, open manors, parks & gardens, moat, island, nature, vastness, tranquility, ambience, sightseeing, cycling, bathing, hunting, fishing, horseback riding - or just enjoy: relax in your favorite apartment at Schloss Lühburg, our guest service is prepared for almost all wishes.

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© TFZ Tessin

Natural outdoor pool "Tessiner Südsee

  • Open today
  • St.-Jürgen-Str., 18195 Tessin

The natural outdoor pool "Ticino South Lake" is a swimming pool with biological water treatment and was opened in 2012.

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© LOK - Die Pension - Das Restaurant

LOK - The Pension - The Restaurant

  • Open today
  • Bahnhofstraße, 18195 Tessin

In the former station building of the flower city Ticino is, after extensive renovation work, since 2019 a modern equipped pension with in-house restaurant to feel good.

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Manor house Groß Wüstenfelde

  • Am Wall, 17168 Groß Wüstenfelde

Vacation in the historic manor house.

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Needle oak beech in Appelhäger forest

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Appelhäger Forst, 17166 Teterow

A curiosity in the Appelhäger forest near Teterow

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Polchow Manor

  • Gutshofallee, 18299 Wardow / OT Polchow

In the manor house Polchow as well as in the outbuildings tastefully furnished vacation apartments are rented. The estate also includes a spacious estate park as well as a riding facility with a jumping arena, a dressage arena and an indoor riding arena.

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© Cavalan

Cavalan Ranch

  • Wesselstorfer Weg, 18299 Wardow

Willkommen auf der Cavalan Ranch inmitten der Mecklenburgischen Pampa mit argentinischem Lebensgefühl! Gelegen zwischen Wiesen und Wäldern gibt es hier Ausritte im Western-Stil für alle Niveaus, stilvolle Unterkünfte in der Ferienwohnung und Glamping-Zelten, sowie eine Event-Location für Feiern im rustikal-schicken Ambiente.

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Bakery star, © Bäckerei & Konditorei Stern

Bakery and confectionery Stern

  • Hauptstr., 18299 Laage

We are a traditional family business and produce baked goods for you according to old craftsmanship.we bake fresh every day, with us there are no ready-made products for baking.

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The Heimatstube in one house with the Kulturbörse Gnoien, © Christian Teske

Local history museum of the Warbel town Gnoien

  • Teterower Straße, 17179 Gnoien

With the foundation of the local history society Gnoien in 1993, the wish to establish a small local history room for our town was also connected.

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© Schafscheune Vietschow/ Steffen Honzera

Sheep barn farm cheese dairy Vietschow

  • Ringstraße, 17168 Groß Wüstenfelde

Experience organic farming at first hand. The sheep Fritz, Isabell and the "cucumber troop" are already looking forward to your visit in the farm cheese dairy and sheep barn in Vietschow.

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© Margit Wild/ www.fotowild.de

The do-it-yourselfers © - farm store Landhaus Levitzow

  • An der Landstraße, 17168 Levitzow

The Selbermacher © are at home here - on the edge of the Mecklenburg Schweiz and Lake Kummerow Nature Park, surrounded by meadows, forests & fields, not far from the B 108 lies our small, fine farm store with café.

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© ARTE Grafia

Riding pension A. Behrens

  • Remlin, 17168 Schwasdorf

Experience a special kind of country vacation with your family and discover the beauty of the Mecklenburg Lake District on foot or on horseback. Train your horses, take part in hunting rides, explore the surroundings or just relax.

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