• Discover untouched nature rafting in the Mecklenburg Lakes, © TMV/Pescht
    Discover untouched nature rafting in the Mecklenburg Lakes
  • Enjoy the freedom on a raft tour, © TMV/Ehn
    Enjoy the freedom on a raft tour

On a raft

River or lake – just let yourself drift

Two, three or more people; for one day or preferably forever: experience the ultimate independent outdoor adventure on the lake and river!

Build your own ...
Let yourself drift in the golden summer - with a little imagination even back to your own childhood. With a happy nod to Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, get going on the tree trunks and build your own raft.

 ... or conveniently charter one!
You don’t necessarily need to be mad about collecting fallen logs because most operators have an instant package for you to have a go at. Sound a little bit like building an IKEA shelf? Well it is: four screws, four straps, lots of fun on your adventure cruise. Use it to explore the Mecklenburg Lake District, the river Peene and the Neustrelitz waters.

Rafting doesn’t need to be rough and ready though. Immersing yourself into nature can also have a dash of comfort about it. You can for example relax and enjoy 22 kilometres from Diemitz to Mirow or the lush green 42 kilometre journey from Pripert to Zwenzow in style. No need for a driving licence to charter one of these modern rafts. The small floating holiday homes equipped with outdoor seating, gas cooker, camping WC, weatherproof cabin and outboard motor make you feel quite at home.